Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rainbow Brite

Wearing: Romance Was Born dress as top, vintage skirt via Trendlistr and River Island sandals. 

After being away from home for three weeks I had a considerable amount of parcels to open, including one from Louisa Rogers founder of Trendlistr. We connected through Instagram and I was lucky enough to pick out this amazing skirt, which reminded me of the collages made by Melbourne artist Minna Gilligan. Most of the vintage pieces from my wardrobe are from the 50s and 60s, however the stripes and floral motif of this skirt caught my attention and it was love at first sight. The material is breathable, super stretchy and I love the beaded fringe on the hemline. Normally I shoot everyday outfits, but after a massive day at work and a two hour long nap I wanted to grab a few cocktails and dress in something a little more flirty. Another great love of mine, other than vintage is great Australian designers including Romance Was Born. I've been waiting for the right occasion to wear this dress and what better time than a spontaneous night out!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tsumori Chisato Fall 2016

 All that glitters is not gold, but it’s definitely fashionable and at times, eccentric. Larger than life diamonds have made recent appearances at Gucci, emblazoning those plush and thick fur coats and Tsumori Chisato also chose to make diamonds her muse for Fall 2016. Rather than a form of embellishment, Fall 2016 was an examination of the refraction of white light, and its separation into the visible spectrum of colour. A maximalist approach to colour and texture resulted in shaggy sweaters with paintbrush streaks, diamonds sprinkled on jacquard coats and multi-coloured fur scarves, paired with ombre tights and highly conceptual footwear. Accompanying the mad clothes were equally adventurous accessories, take for example the oversized diamond earrings (which if you’re a fan or familiar with artist Rosy Nicholas, you’d also appreciate). Made from metal the jewellery was in stark contrast to the more subtle pieces, with honourable mention to the diamond-shaped lacework worn as either a detachable crochet collar or petticoat. 

 The lavish presentation was photographed in none other than the Belle Epoque salons, lending an air of gravitas to the clothes while firmly remaining folksy. The long yarn fringes and saccharine colour palette gave the clothes a child-like and very playful tone, as is always the case with Tsumori Chisato. However, the statement outerwear, surely something the style aristocrats would be crying out for (especially in the lead up to fashion week) remains very grown up. One can only hope some of the more niche and conceptual pieces would also make an appearance once in a while, if only to brighten up the day and add a little bit of unexpected sparkle to the event. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Technicolour Dreamcoat

Winter is fast approaching and honestly I could not be more excited to dress in layers but more importantly, create the rainbow coloured coat of my dreams. While I do not have access to fluffy marabou I am still drawing inspiration from Sophia Webster's 'Dolly Birds of Paradise' and Australian artist Tanya Schultz. Rachel Burke, a Brisbane-based artist is also a constant source of inspiration for diy projects. If there's one thing we all need during the coldest and darkest months, it's something fun and comfortable to wear.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

In Absentia

Wearing: Asos detachable bow, collar and wool coat, jeans were a gift and Sophia Webster boots.

Hello, it seems like forever since you last saw me, although I have tried my best to keep up to date and write what I can. The last month has been incredibly busy, for the last three weeks I've been on a dinosaur dig with the Australian Age of Dinosaurs. At times I felt under pressure, and it really tested my ability to negotiate and cope with the logistics of such a large project but we have unearthed one of the most complete sauropod dinosaurs in all of Australia. To unwind and relax, I had hoped to take more photos of outfits on the weekend, however, I left my tripod in town and battery charger to my camera at my boyfriend's house. Using a ladder, Styrofoam box and string as a temporary tripod with the last ten minutes of my camera's battery life I got acquainted with a new addition to my closet. Another second hand purchase, the silhouette and texture of this coat makes me feel chic and sophisticated on a day I would have otherwise spent in a bath robe.

Monday, June 19, 2017

With all my heart

Y/Project is one of those 'cool girl brands' I don't really understand. Their clothes only caught my attention this morning, when scrolling through my emails I saw their heart cut-out sweater appear in an advertisement for Browns Fashion, but also on pop princess Lorde in an interview by Triple J. What really threw me though was the striking resemblance to a previous piece by British designer Christopher Kane. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but in this case it's imitation.


Like the clothes I wear each day, hair colour and shine is often at the forefront of my mind. I love having the freedom to choose what outfit to wear each day, and I love making the same decisions when it comes to my hair. For some women, it can be demeaning to be defined by your hair but for me my long locks are part of who I am and plays an important role in how I am perceived in the wider community. But not everyone can grow their hair as easily as some, especially if your hair is naturally curly or quite fine. Hair extensions can be the perfect solution to a hairstyle rut and easy way to add a splash of colour. Since 2009, TedHair have been providing premirm wholesale virgin hair products to boutique salons, wholesalers, retailers, online stores and stylists across the world. There’s a variety of colours and styles of TedHair hair extensions to choose from, with my personal preference the more striking ombre extensions in red and purple. They’re both colours I’ve dyed my hair, but the richness of the hair dye didn’t last very long and bleaching caused permanent damage to my hair. If I had to do it all over again I’d like to try extensions, since they can always be removed. The weft for both the red and purple ombre extensons has no clip, so the best method of application is either sewing, cornrowing or weaving in. 

If you’ve had bad experiences in the past with weaves or cornrows, there’s a selection of body wave extensions which feature lace closures, all attached individually to the lace base and made from 100% Virgin Brazilian hair wholesale. They give the impression of a fuller head of hair and unlike other hair extension supplies, the Brazilian Virgin Lace Closure isn’t mixed with different hair types or synthetic fibres. Easy to use, depending on the product type some extensions can even be reused and last for months, if not years if well looked after. Rest assured that all the hair used in TedHair products are non-dyed and collected from donors directly, tested for lice, chemical free and washed during processing. 

For those looking for a fuss free way to update your look, there’s always wigs. TedHair have a small selection varying from a cute bob cut to long luscious curls. Wigs are made of lace closures or frontals and hair wefts, which can be both cost-saving as well as time-saving for those of us unable to spend hours at the hairdressers.

Precious Petals

Whether it's that sensational and courageous dress Rihanna wore to the Met Gala or the runway at Marques Almeida, florals are making a comeback in a big way. While floral brocade might seem like a more sensible choice for an interior designer, when combined with an interesting shape or silhouette the fabric takes on a life of its own. Puffed sleeves with raw edges, flared trousers or many discs obscuring the female form the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination!